Let's co-create your business headshot, VIRTUALLY. Your Remote Director will make your photo shoot session an adventure.

Create high quality photo content instantly under the guidance of a professional director and photographer without the mistakes of DIY's. All you need is a mobile phone, Wi-Fi and you're good to go.


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virtual headshots


We are excited to present to you Virtual Headshots by Remote Director. The virtual photoshoot is an innovative, collaborative experience where you will be an active participant in the creation process. This photoshoot is all done remotely, so you don’t have to go anywhere to get your photo taken. Anybody all over the world can participate in our virtual studio and get a professional guidance from our Remote Directors. 


• Set up consultation immediately followed by virtual photo session (1 hr)
• Professional guidance by a Remote Director (photographer)
• Wardrobe guideline and checklists
• 2 digital background / 1 wardrobe
• All photos taken from your mobile phone
• 2 touched-up high resolution image with a digital background


before you book your session, see requirements below

1. MOBILE PHONE: You have a mobile phone that is an iPhone 11 and a newer or Android phone not more than 3 years old.

2. PHONE SUPPORT: On the day that you book, you will have a helping hand available or a stand or tripod so the phone is at eye level whether you are standing up or sitting down.  You can not hold the phone selfie-style. A remote director will help you tweak your setup.

3. WEBEX APP : Webex (not Webex Meetings) mobile app is installed on your phone.

4. NATURAL LIGHT: You have access to a window or natural light. Do not worry about the background because it will be replaced in post.

5. WIFI: You have access to a strong WI FI connection