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Virtual headshots from anywhere.
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Introducing our state-of-the-art virtual headshots specially designed for the global business community. Whether you’re seeking a streamlined self-guided approach or prefer the expertise of a remote photographer through our exclusive Remote Director option, we’ve got you covered.

Our Services.

With Remote Director, you don’t need to go into the studio to get studio-quality headshots. We do it all from a distance, saving employers, employees and job seekers valuable time and money.

Self-Guided Virtual Headshots

Experience convenience at its finest. Our self-guided virtual headshots allow you to snap the perfect shot from the comfort of your own space. With our user-friendly platform, you’ll receive step-by-step instructions and tips, ensuring a seamless process that saves valuable time while maintaining a high standard of quality.

Virtual Headshots with a Remote Director

Elevate your virtual headshot experience with our Remote Director option. Our experienced photographers will guide your team members through every stage of the process, providing real-time feedback on technology, optimal lighting, flattering poses, wardrobe choices-, guaranteeing you walk away with a headshot that radiates trust, confidence and professionalism.

Hybrid. Self-Guided plus Remote Director

Discover the ultimate blend that caters to your team’s specific requirements and comfort. With the option to choose Self-Guided headshots, yet the flexibility to book a virtual photographer whenever you’re ready to take the next step, it’s an ideal solution. This is especially beneficial for those who want to try Self-Guided Virtual Headshots first, while also having the reassurance of professional assistance when needed.

Avoid a logistical nightmare.

Get virtual headshots for the team that work like a dream.

Proven Track Record:

With over 20 years of corporate photography experience, our approach, process and instruction in headshot photography have been fine-tuned for corporations and industry-leading brands. And now we bring that expertise in your virtual headshot photo sessions.

Flexible Hybrid Advantage:

Embrace choice with our Hybrid Model. Merge Self-Guided and Remote Director services within a single order, empowering your team with the freedom to tailor their preferred experience.

Effortless Project Management:

Bid farewell to overseeing the project. Our SMB/Enterprise package includes a dedicated project manager who tailors your team’s experience to seamlessly align with your brand’s needs.

Professional Retouching:

Discover the value of expert retouching that guarantees a consistent look for all images within your company. Choose to customize backgrounds or opt from a range of predefined choices.


With Remote Director, you don’t need to go into the studio to get studio-quality headshots. We do it all from a distance, saving employers, employees and job seekers valuable time and money.

I felt a lot of pressure that if we spent money on this, we would be happy with the results. But across the board, the praise I got for selecting the Remote Director, and everyone’s happiness with the experience, was great. It made me look good because I selected a great option for us.

Patrick L.
Struck Capital
New York, USA

A lot of Remote Director work was self-sufficient. The Remote Director team sent out the follow-up and preparation communication. It was really easy for us to manage from a project management perspective.

Jennifer R.
TD Wealth
Toronto, Canada

Thank you so much for the work: they look far more professional than our prior shoots. This should solve the inconsistency in our team photos going forward.

William K.
Aceris Law
Geneva, Switzerland

It was important for us to have a cohesive look for headshots and incorporate it within our culture and employee experience to ensure everyone feels included. Remote Director helped us achieve that goal.

Sarah H.
Citylitics Inc.
Toronto, Canada

What an amazing process to get our photos done in this day and age, and all from the comfort of my home. I love it!

Francine M.
TD Wealth
Toronto, Canada

How it Works.

Any photographer can take a headshot. But it takes a special one to take hundreds. And make them all work together as one. One team of diverse people and perspectives, captured with one consistent look and feel. Taken in different places, but looking like they’re all from the same studio. A skilled photographer who can make your team look like one – and do it from anywhere. That’s the beauty of Remote Director.

Step One.

Launching Your Project

Count on us to establish the groundwork for your Virtual Headshot Project. From handling administrative tasks and streamlining workflows to providing booking links and managing email reminders, all aspects are managed so you have a flawless launch to your project.

Step Two.

Maintaining Momentum

Once your project is in motion, expect real-time progress updates and the delivery of retouched headshot assets. These will be seamlessly uploaded to your preferred company portal or delivered according to your specified preference. Rest assured, we keep things moving smoothly.

Step Three.

Flexibility for Growth

Your project remains adaptable for diverse scaling requirements. Leverage this process for accommodating new hires, facilitating onboarding, incorporating headshot updates, and beyond. The framework is designed to expand with your evolving needs.

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Pricing.

Get professional headshots for your team, virtually. Choose from one of three convenient options: self-guided, guided by Remote Director or hybrid.

Pricing One

1-50 Self-Guided Sessions

CAD $65

(per person)

This option is tailored for small teams looking to acquire on-brand headshots for their newly onboarded remote staff, virtual meeting presentations, or to enhance their professional LinkedIn profiles.

Pricing Two

51-500 Self-Guided Sessions

CAD $50

(per person)

No matter your business’s scale – local, national, or global – this package exceeds expectations. Whether it’s a profile revamp or a stunning new website, it’s the perfect solution.

Pricing Three

501+ Self-Guided – Hybrid

Let’s Chat.

Now we are talking! We understand the need for customization, process, workflow and scale. It is essential to maintain consistency and provide an on-brand experience. Let’s have a conversation today!

With Remote Director, you don’t need to go into the studio to get studio-quality headshots. We do it all from a distance, saving employers, employees and job seekers valuable time and money.