You want to choose a background that is not very busy, something like a blank wall or a door is ideal.

Plain and Neutral

If we could choose the perfect scenario for taking a Heroic Photo, it would be a plain white wall across from a large window. But being that most of us aren’t going to have that as an option, find the closest thing that you can.

Check Each Window

Start by walking to each window in your home and stand in front of the window. Check to see what  the background looks like behind you at each window and choose the least cluttered option.

"I don't have any good background

If you feel that you only have cluttered backgrounds when starting at your windows, that’s okay!

The most important thing is that you utilize the natural light from a window, so go ahead and choose the most neutral background option available to you that has good light from a window.

The entire background does not need to be neutral, only the area immediately surrounding you.


Found the perfect Window and plain background combo?
Let's talk about how to capture your Heroic Photo!