Uploading Your Image

Follow these tips to make sure your image doesn't lose any quality when you send it to us.

Uploading From Your Phone

For best results, follow the personal status page link sent to you via email and upload your image directly from your phone.

Uploading From Your Computer

If you plan on uploading your image through your computer, be sure to transfer the file using a method that does not compress or reduce the quality of your image.

The easiest method is to send your image to yourself as an email attachment. You can also use file transfer software such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or Airdrop.

Use a Newer Model Phone

If your phone is more than two years old, do you know someone with a newer model who can help you take your photo? For the best results, we recommend using a phone that was released in the past two years.

And that's it! Click Next to upload your image and select your

Not ready to upload your photo yet?

We created this handy guide for you
to refer back to while you’re taking
your photo and ensure it meets our
guidelines for a fantastic Picture.