How to set up your camera and frame your hero.

Camera Horizontal

When taking your Heroic Photo, rotate your camera so it is horizontal and place the hero in the center of the frame.

Make sure that there is space to the left and right of the subject, and a little space above the head.

Camera at Eye Level

Have your partner stand about 3-5 feet away from you and make sure that the camera lens is at eye level.

From the Waist Up

The bottom of your image should be at your waist with a little room above your head.

Don’t use your camera’s zoom. Start at 3 feet away and back up until the bottom of the frame is at your waist.

Look Into the Camera Lens

When you are ready to take your photo, be sure that your eyes focus on the area of your phone with camera lens.

Maintaining eye contact with the camera lens will ensure that you connect with your target audience through your Heroic Photo.

Make Sure Portrait Mode Is Off

Portrait mode makes your photos look great, we know! But we promise that our-word-class retouching team will be using professional photo editing software to accomplish more than an app on your phone ever could.

Taking a photo by yourself?

While taking your photo with a partner will be much easier, you can still capture a Photo by yourself. If you plan on taking your own photo, click below for additional tips.

Almost there! In the next step we will walk you through how to
pose for your Heroic Photo.